Reclaiming VAT on a self-build project
Last updated: 30 October 2018

How to claim

To claim back VAT on your self-build expenses, you have to fill in the right form.

If your home was a brand new property from scratch, fill in the claim form for new houses.

If it was a conversion of an existing property, fill in the claim form for conversions.

Both forms include guidance notes which tell you how to work out your VAT and where to send the form to.

Along with the form, you also need to send:

  • bank details (so you can be paid)
  • the planning permission
  • proof your building work has finished (like a letter from your local council)
  • a full set of building plans
  • the invoices
  • bills and any credit notes
You must submit your claim within 3 months of the building work being completed, and you can only submit it once. If you send it too late or want to send a second claim for extra expenses you forgot about, your claim will be rejected.