Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

Gives administrative support to Scottish Courts and to the judiciary of those courts. Find information about:

  • The High Court of Justiciary
  • Court of Session
  • Sheriff courts
  • Justice of the peace courts
  • The Office of the Public Guardian and Accountant of Court


After a crime: your rights

Your rights as a victim or witness of crime – includes information on the Victims' Code for Scotland and the Standards of Service for victims and witnesses.

Being a witness at court

Information for witnesses of criminal, civil and Children’s Hearing court cases. Includes where to get support if you're worried about giving evidence, and special measures for vulnerable witnesses.

Court fees

Includes information on paying court fees and help with fees if you're on a low income or getting benefits.

Criminal courts

The different types of criminal court – Sheriff Court, High Court, Sheriff Appeal Court and Justice of the Peace Court.

Find a court

Find contact details and information about courts in Scotland. Includes finding court cases and court judgements.

Football Banning Orders

A court can ban you from attending all football matches in Scotland, the rest of the UK and abroad for up to 10 years.

Help with a legal problem

Who can help you if you need advice about a legal problem, such as debt, housing, benefits, employment, divorce or claims for money.

Jury service

What to do if you're asked to do jury service. Includes applying for exemption or excusal and claiming expenses.

Make a court claim for money

How to take legal action if someone owes you money, how much it will cost and what happens after you make a claim through the courts.

Parental responsibilities and rights

Find out about what the law says about your responsibilities and rights whether you're a mother, father, married, living together or in a civil partnership.

Parking tickets

Pay or challenge a parking ticket given to you by the police or a traffic warden, a local council or on private land.

Pay a court fine

Includes how to pay a court fine, what could happen if you don't pay a fine and what to do if you can't pay it.

Understanding civil justice

Issues like debt, housing disputes, bankruptcy, divorce, and parental rights are dealt with in the civil justice system.

What to do when someone dies

The steps you must take when someone dies – register a death, the procurator fiscal, funerals and bereavement support.