Apply for or renew an older person's bus pass
Last updated: 17 October 2019

Using your card


Use your National Entitlement Card to get a ticket in advance or on the bus. Advance tickets must be collected in person.

When you get on the bus you'll notice an electronic ticket machine. Place your card on the machine with your photograph facing up and tell the driver your stop. The driver will help if you need assistance.

If there isn't a ticket machine like this, show your card and tell the driver your stop.

Remember you can only use your most recently issued National Entitlement Card on the bus. Any other cards will not work and you will not be allowed free bus travel.


If you hold a Scottish National Entitlement Card, issued by the City of Edinburgh Council, you can travel for free on Edinburgh trams.

Scottish National Entitlement Cards that were not issued by Edinburgh Council are NOT valid on tram services.

Blind or visually impaired holders of Scottish National Entitlement Cards issued by other local authorities can also travel free on trams.

Visit the Transport for Edinburgh website for further information on travelling by tram in Edinburgh.