Apply for or renew an older person's bus pass
Last updated: 22 September 2020

Older person's bus passes during coronavirus

You can now apply for a new, replacement or renewed bus pass.

How to apply during coronavirus

Your local council deals with bus pass applications. How you can apply and how quick you can get it depends on your local council.

You can contact your local council to find out how they're dealing with applications during coronavirus.

Post office

You can apply at the post office in some local council areas.

Not all areas offer this service so you should check this with your post office.

If you've already asked for a new bus pass

If you applied for a new bus pass before coronavirus Transport Scotland started dealing with these on 6 July. You should get your bus pass soon but delivery might take longer than usual.

Contact your local council to confirm they've dealt with your application.

Further enquiries during coronavirus

You need to contact your local council for questions about bus pass applications.

You can find more information about bus passes and concessionary travel during coronavirus on the Transport Scotland website.