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Small Business Support Grant


Your local council must have received your application before 5pm on Friday 10 July 2020. They will no longer consider any applications sent. Find out more about the grant closures and application deadlines.

Who can apply

You were able to apply for a grant up of to £10,000 if you were an eligible small business and were:

  • the registered non-domestic rate payer (even if you do not need pay because you get reliefs)

  • a business who leases the property from the registered non-domestic rate payer

You needed to have applied through your local council. The closing date was 10 July 2020.

Registered non-domestic rate payers


You were able to apply if you pay non-domestic rates, occupy a non-domestic property and get:

You could also have applied if you qualified for the Small Business Bonus scheme but get:

Multiple retail, hospitality or leisure properties

If you have multiple properties and are not eligible for the Small Business Bonus Scheme, you may still have been eligible for a Small Business Support Grant.

You might have still qualified for this grant, for any retail, hospitality or leisure properties with a rateable value up to £18,000 each.

All of your properties must have a combined rateable value of between £35,001 and £500,000.

Businesses who lease from the registered rate payer

You could also have applied for the Small Business Support Grant if you do not pay non-domestic rates but occupy certain types of space. For example shared office, business incubator or industrial space.

You must lease the space from a landlord who is the registered ratepayer for the property.


You must also:

  • be a registered business or partnership
  • have a lease signed before 17 March 2020
  • employ at least one person
  • have a business bank account

Types of businesses who qualify for the Small Business Support Grant

Businesses who qualify

These businesses include:

  • abattoirs
  • airfields
  • ambulance stations
  • amusements
  • animal welfare
  • arts centres
  • auction marts
  • bakeries
  • banks
  • batching plants
  • bed & breakfast accommodation
  • betting offices
  • bingo halls
  • bowling clubs
  • breweries
  • bus stations
  • cafés
  • camping sites
  • car washes
  • caravan centres
  • caravan sites
  • caravans that are a primary source of income for the ratepayer (one third or more) and let out for 140 days or more in financial year 2019-20
  • catteries
  • chalets
  • cinemas
  • clay pigeon clubs
  • clinics
  • clubs
  • colleges
  • community centres
  • crematoriums
  • cricket clubs
  • curling rinks
  • dairies
  • day centres
  • day nurseries
  • depots
  • distilleries
  • district heating
  • entertainment centres
  • exhibition venues
  • factories
  • ferry terminals
  • fire stations
  • fishings
  • football grounds
  • funeral parlours
  • galleries
  • garages
  • gardens
  • garden centres
  • golf clubs
  • golf driving ranges
  • guest houses
  • halls
  • harbours
  • historic buildings
  • homes, for example care homes, children's homes
  • hostels
  • hotels
  • ice rinks
  • kennels
  • kiosks
  • laboratories
  • laundries
  • leisure centres
  • libraries
  • lifeboat stations
  • lobster ponds
  • markets
  • military facilities
  • minerals
  • mortuaries
  • museums
  • observatories
  • offices
  • oil depots
  • outdoor centres
  • parks
  • pavilions
  • petrol filling stations
  • places of worship
  • play centres
  • playing fields
  • police stations
  • post offices
  • premises
  • public houses
  • putting greens
  • race tracks
  • radio stations
  • railways
  • recreation grounds
  • religious centres
  • restaurants
  • retail warehouses
  • riding schools
  • rifle ranges
  • sailing clubs
  • salons
  • sawmills
  • schools
  • self-catering that's a primary source of income for the ratepayer (one third or more) and let out for 140 days or more in financial year 2019-20
  • service stations
  • shooting ranges
  • shops
  • showhouses
  • showrooms
  • ski clubs
  • snack bars
  • snooker clubs
  • sorting offices
  • sports centres
  • sports grounds
  • squash clubs
  • stables
  • stadiums
  • stores
  • stud farms
  • studios
  • surgeries
  • swimming pools
  • tennis clubs
  • theatres
  • training centres
  • visitor centres
  • warehouses and showrooms
  • workshops and showrooms
  • youth hostels

Businesses who do not qualify

This includes properties used for the following:

  • advertising
  • anemometer masts
  • atm sites
  • boathouses
  • bothies
  • burial grounds
  • car parks
  • car spaces
  • castles
  • common rooms
  • communications
  • coups
  • display areas
  • electricity
  • fishing huts
  • fuel tanks
  • grazings
  • grounds
  • hangars
  • heliports
  • holiday huts
  • huts
  • jetties
  • lighthouses
  • lock-ups
  • masts
  • monitoring sites
  • oil tanks
  • peat mosses
  • piers
  • pigeon lofts
  • public toilets
  • quarries
  • sand & gravel
  • shootings
  • sites
  • site huts
  • slipways
  • stances
  • taxi ranks
  • telecommunications
  • time share units
  • traffic monitoring
  • waste
  • waste water treatment
  • water
  • weighbridges
  • yards

Multiple properties

If you have more than one property, you were able to apply for a grant for each eligible property.

This means you may have been able to get a £10,000 or £25,000 grant for one property. Then each property may have been eligible for a:

  • Small Business Support Grant of £7,500
  • Retail, Hospitality, Leisure Support Grant of £18,500

These grants need to comply with the European Commission's State Aid rules.

Self-catering accommodation and caravans

Self-catering accommodation and caravans were eligible for these grants if they:

  • are a primary source of income for the ratepayer (one third or more), and
  • were let out for 140 days or more in financial year 2019-20

How to apply

You can no longer apply. Your local council processes the grants and reliefs. They also make any payments due.

Closing date

The closing date was 10 July 2020. Find out more about the grant closures and application deadlines.

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Getting paid

Councils will aim to make payment within 10 working days. To do this, they'll need:

  • a fully completed grant application form
  • any necessary supporting documentation

If you qualify for a grant, you do not need to pay it back.

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