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If you think the rateable value of your property is wrong, you can appeal it.

Before making an appeal, you should make sure you understand how your rateable value and bill were calculated.

If you have any questions, you can contact:

You can find a breakdown of how a rateable value was calculated for most properties on the Scottish Assessor's Association website. You'll need to search for the property and look at its 'summary valuation'.

Contacting the assessor

You can contact your local assessor if you:

  • don't understand how your rateable value was calculated and want more detail
  • think your valuation details are wrong
  • disagree with the assessor's valuation

And you should always contact your local assessor if:

  • you move or make changes to your premises
  • the nature of your business changes

You can also update your information on the Scottish Assessors Association website.

Making an appeal

If you still disagree with the assessor's valuation after contacting them, you can make an appeal.

You can make your appeal:

There's no fee for appealing, but you may have to pay the costs of any professional adviser you use, such as a rating agent.

Your appeal will be acknowledged by the assessor. You'll then get a hearing date before your local Valuation Appeal Committee. You'll get at least 105 days' notice of when your hearing is due to take place. If your case is urgent, you can ask for it to be heard earlier.

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