Neonatal Expenses Fund
Last updated: 24 October 2019

What you can claim for

You can make one travel claim and one food claim a day.


You can claim back for up to one return car journey a day at 14p a mile.

On public transport you can claim back one return journey a day.


You can claim back car parking costs in full when you submit the receipts.

Some hospitals offer a permit for free parking – ask staff if this is available.

Taxi fares

You should only travel by taxi if you have no other option, for example there is no public transport available or because of the mother's medical condition. Taxi travel must be approved by hospital staff before the journey.

If your taxi journey is approved, you can claim back for one return journey a day. You'll need to provide receipts when you claim.


You should only use air travel when it's cheaper than other transport or when it's the only sensible way – for example, island to mainland travel. Flights must be approved by the hospital's local NHS Board before you travel.

You can claim for up to 2 return air journeys a week.


You can claim up to £8.50 a day for food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Or, the hospital can give one parent up to 3 meals a day for free.

Your hospital might not offer both of these options, but it will offer at least one. Find out what's available at your hospital by speaking to staff.

Twins and multiple birth

If you have twins or multiple babies in neonatal care and they are in the same hospital, you can only claim once a day under the same rules as a single baby.

The claim form must have each of your babies' details.

If you have twins or multiple babies in different hospitals you can claim expenses once a day for each baby. To do this you must complete a seperate form for each baby.

Death of a baby

If a baby dies before being discharged from hospital, parents can still claim expenses for the time they spend with their baby after the death – up until the baby is moved to the mortuary, funeral directors or family home.

What you can not claim for

You can not make a claim from the Neonatal Expenses Fund for the costs of:

  • accommodation
  • loss of earnings
  • parking fines
  • childcare
  • care hire
  • visitors' expenses
  • expenses for other outpatient appointments
  • alcoholic drinks
  • expenses from before 1st April 2018