Making staff redundant

Last updated: 21 March 2018

Avoiding redundancies

You should take steps to avoid compulsory redundancies, eg by:

Offers of alternative work

Even if you've selected someone for redundancy, you can still offer them alternative work. For an offer to be valid:

  • it should be unconditional and in writing
  • it must be made before the employee's current contract ends
  • it should show how the new job differs from the old
  • the job must actually be offered to the employee - they shouldn't have to apply
  • the new job must start within 4 weeks of the old job ending

Employees who accept an offer of alternative work are allowed a 4-week trial period to see if the work is suitable - if you both agree that it isn't, they can still claim redundancy pay.

The trial period can be longer than 4 weeks if you agree this in writing.

If you think the job is suitable but the employee refuses to take it, they might lose any redundancy pay entitlement.

Making staff redundant
Avoiding redundancies