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What a host does

Length of stay

You need to agree to let the guest stay for at least 6 months. But the match can be up to 12 months. 

After 6 months you should give at least 2 months’ notice to end a match. 

Helping your guests settle in

You should check they have access to things like:

  • food
  • supplies such as toiletries
  • a mobile phone and internet to stay in touch with family members

You do not need to cover these costs. Your guests can get benefits to help meet their living costs. 


You do not need to cook or supply meals but you can if you want to. 

Speaking English 

You should not expect your guests to be able to speak or read English. 

You can use free online translations services to help you communicate. 

Your guests can get a translator when using public services such as healthcare and benefits advice. 

Household bills

You’ll be responsible for bills for your home. 

You can get a thank you payment of £350 per month. This is to help cover things like an increase in energy bills.

This payment will not affect any benefits or council tax discounts you get. 

If your guests stay in another property you own, they’ll be responsible for the bills, except mortgage and factors payments. 

They’ll be able to get benefits to help meet these costs. 

Mortgage lenders, landlords and other things you check 

You’ll be responsible for your mortgage or rent. 

You should check with your mortgage lender or landlord first that you can take part in the Homes for Ukraine scheme. 

Some mortgage lenders have information about this on their websites. 

Other things to check include:

  • shared equity agreements
  • planning permission 
  • insurance polices 

Council tax

You’ll be responsible for council tax. 

Being a host will not affect any council tax discounts or reductions you get. 

If the person you sponsor is living in a different home 

This home will be exempt from paying council tax from the date of entry.

You can read about council tax and Homes for Ukraine on

Non-domestic rates for self-catering or holiday lets

Non-domestic rates will not apply. The property will move to council tax but will be exempt from payment. 

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