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Local council responsibilities

Local councils have re-settlement teams and your guest will have a caseworker. 

The caseworker will be in touch with them to find out what support they’ll need from the council and other organisations they work with. 

They’ll also make sure your guest can get:

  •  a Social Security rights assessment 
  • benefits advice 
  • help with any applications and referrals
  • housing advice 
  • help with work 
  • registering with a GP and dentist 
  • registering children with nursery and school
  • registering young people with college or university 
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes
  • advice and referrals to mental health and specialist services if they need it

Follow up welfare visits 

The caseworker will also arrange follow-up visits. This is to make sure everyone is healthy and well. 

They can also help you and your guest with any advice or support either of you need. 

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