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Help to apply for Child Disability Payment

Child Disability Payment is a Social Security Scotland benefit that was introduced across Scotland in 2021. You can apply for it on behalf of a child that lives in any part of Scotland.

If you need help with a Child Disability Payment application, Social Security Scotland can provide support and guidance. One of the ways they can help you is by arranging an appointment with their Local Delivery service. A Local Delivery appointment is a meeting with a specially trained client support adviser where you can:

  • go through the full Child Disability Payment application
  • get guidance on the supporting information you need to provide
  • ask questions about the application process

There are different types of Local Delivery appointments, and you can ask for whichever one will suit you best. This might be:

  • in your home
  • at a local public venue
  • over the phone
  • via a video-calling service

If you ask for an in-person appointment, this will be held in line with current Covid restrictions.

If you want to book an appointment or ask for help, contact Social Security Scotland.

Find out more about Child Disability Payment.

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