Funerals during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated: 14 September 2020

There are rules around funerals during coronavirus.

Number of people who can go to a funeral service

No more than 20 people should go to the funeral service.

This is for both outdoor and indoor funeral services. This number could be fewer in some places. For example, in small spaces where people cannot keep to the 2 metre physical distancing rule.

You do not need to keep to the physical distancing rule if you're from the same household or a carer and the person being cared for.

If you're unsure how many people can go you should check with the funeral director, crematorium, burial ground or place of worship.

Face coverings

You must wear a face covering at indoor funeral services.

Who cannot go to a funeral

You must not got to a funeral if you:

  • have coronavirus symptoms
  • tested positive for coronavirus and need to stay home to self-isolate

You should seriously consider not going to a funeral if you're self-isolating because:

  • someone in your household has coronavirus symptoms or has tested positive for coronavirus
  • you've been contacted by the Test and Protect service

High risk groups

If you're in a high risk group, you can still go to a funeral. However, before going, you should consider the risk from coronavirus and its possible impact on your health.

If you do go to a funeral you should:

You can find out who is in a high risk group on NHS Inform.

Singing and chanting

You should not sing or chant during a funeral. We cannot be sure this would not create a risk of passing on coronavirus.

You can still play recorded music.

Funeral travel restrictions


There are no restrictions on how far you can travel within Scotland to go to a funeral.

You can also travel from other parts of the UK to go to a funeral service in Scotland.

If you're travelling from abroad to go a funeral in Scotland you must follow the rules on movement and self-isolation for travellers entering the UK.

Rest of UK

You can travel from Scotland to a funeral in other parts of the UK.

Each country may have different rules for funerals. You need to check the rules for the country you're travelling to.

You can find further funeral guidance from GOV.UK


If you're travelling abroad for a funeral check the foreign travel advice by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Gatherings after a funeral

There are different rules for gatherings after a funeral.

Up to 20 people can go to a gathering after a funeral in a regulated venue. For example, a hotel, pub or restaurant. You must follow the rules for hospitality.

For gatherings outwith a regulated venue you must follow the rules for indoor and outdoor gatherings.