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Foreign travel advice

During coronavirus (COVID-19), you need to provide your journey and contact details when you travel from another country to the UK.

For most countries, anyone coming or returning to the UK to stay in Scotland must isolate for 14 days. But some countries are exempt from this, so you may not have to self-isolate at all if you travel to them.

See the latest travel restrictions and list of exempt countries (countries you can travel to without self-isolating) on

If you need to visit another country, check before you travel what restrictions that country has in place.

The UK Government website gives the latest travel advice during coronavirus for the rest of the UK.

Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports

There are restrictions on what items you can take in your hand luggage and hold luggage when boarding a plane in the UK. You should check with your airline how many and what size bags you can take on the plane with you.

Find out more about hand luggage restrictions.

Take your pet abroad

Your pet dog, cat or ferret must meet the entry requirements for the country you're going to or coming from.

You can find more information about taking a pet abroad on GOV.UK.

Travelling with pets to the EU or Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021

From 1 January 2021, you'll need to make additional health preparations and will need extra documents to travel with your dog, cat or ferret to the EU and Northern Ireland. This includes assistance dogs.

You can find more information about travelling with pets to the EU and Northern Ireland on GOV.UK.

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