Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Scheme (Scotland)

A scheme to support suppliers and producers to contribute to the Scottish Government's overall vision for food and drink in Scotland - to be a Good Food Nation, where it is second nature to secure, sell and eat fresh, healthy food.

The following types of grants are available:

  • Start-up grants for a new business.
  • Development grants for an existing business.

A total of £70 million is available. The maximum rate of grant a business will be eligible for is determined by the size of the business (large, medium, small or micro) and by the activity or products the business produces.

Business size Annex I inputs to Annex I outputs Annex I inputs to Non-annex I outputs 
Large enterprise 40% Ineligible 
Medium enterprise 40% 10% 
Small enterprise 40% 20% 
Micro enterprise 40% 20% 

Annex I products are agricultural products as defined in Annex I of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union.

Non-Capital Grants (which may include co-operation)

Co-operation Groups & Ventures

Size of enterprise Co-operation Feasibility
Micro/small 60% 70%
Medium 50% 60%
Large 40% 50%

Other Non-Capital Projects

Size of Enterprise Consultancy Fairs and Shows (national events only) Innovation (which may include clusters, process and organisation) Training
Micro/small 50% 50% 50% 70%
Medium 50% 50% 50% 60%
Large Nil Nil 15% 50%