Events, training and support for exporters

Last updated: 5 September 2018

Help if you're already exporting

If you're an established business, there is training and support available to develop international trade skills. You must be registered and controlled in Scotland.

Export strategy development support

Scottish Enterprise's International Strategy Development Programme is designed to help you develop a detailed export and international trade strategy. It should help you build the skills and knowledge within your company to put that strategy into action.

This programme helps you:

  • develop an understanding of your business export aims
  • evaluate available export options
  • develop a sustainable export strategy
  • identify the key steps that will allow you to implement the strategy

Find out more about this programme.

You're eligible for international strategy development support if:

  • your business has a turnover of £2 million or more
  • you have a management team capable of implementing the strategy

Cost: You'll have to pay 50% of the costs.

If you're based in the Scottish Enterprise area, you can register online.

If you're based in the Highlands and Islands, please email to register.

Help with planning

Training is provided in-house to your businesses export strategy and overcome the difficulties of international trade.

A specialist consultant will teach your team to:

  • build export skills
  • develop comprehensive export action plan and strategy
  • tackle specific export challenges

Find out more about what the course covers.

Cost: You'll have to pay for this training. Scottish Enterprise can contribute funding for up to 50% of the costs of this service. If you're based in the SE area, you can enquire about this programme online.

Similar support is also available to companies based in the Highlands and Islands. For further information, please e-mail

You're eligible for this course if:

  • you have an existing international strategy or export plan
  • you show that a project could create significant international sales growth

To apply contact your account manager.

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Events, training and support for exporters
Help if you're already exporting