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Wrongful termination of tenancy

If your tenant had a private residential tenancy and think they were misled into ending the tenancy, they can apply to the First-tier Tribunal for a 'wrongful termination order'.

The Tribunal may make a wrongful termination order if it decides that you:

  • misled the Tribunal into issuing an eviction order it shouldn't have
  • wrongly made the tenant leave the property (for example, if you gave the tenant a notice telling them to leave the property because a particular eviction ground applied when this was not true, and the tenant moved out because of this).

If the Tribunal issues a wrongful termination order, you may be told to pay the tenant who applied for the wrongful termination order a payment of up to six months' rent.

If you're a joint landlord with other people, the Tribunal may make the order against all, some or only one of you. If the Tribunal makes a wrongful termination order, they must also send a copy to any local council where you are registered as a landlord.

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