European Institute of Innovation and Technology - Knowledge and Innovation Communities

The EIT promotes innovation in Europe by integrating all three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’ (higher education, research and business) in Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

The EIT has a proposed budget of €2.7 billion within a budget of almost €80 billion for Horizon 2020.

The budget will cover three main priorities:

  • Expenditure on the existing KICs
  • Establishment of new KICs launched in 2014, 2016 and 2018
  • Dissemination and outreach activities, and administrative expenditure

A KIC can be financed by the EIT, on average, for up to 25% of its overall budget. The remaining 75% should be financed from other sources such as the partners' own resources, national or regional funding, or EU funds.

Grants of between €2 million and €4 million may be awarded to a designated partnership for the etting up of a KIC.

Cooperation between the EIT and each KIC is formalised within a seven year Framework Partnership Agreement which sets out the common objectives, planned activities and obligations. Within this framework, the EIT may award grants to a KIC through specific Grant Agreements under the FPA.