European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net)

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) is an EU-wide network to promote consumer confidence by advising citizens on their rights as consumers and providing easy access to redress.  The overall aim is for consumers to feel as confident when shopping in another country as when shopping in the home country.

The Centres offer free consumer advice and support to EU residents who are buying goods or services from traders based in other EU countries as well as Iceland and Norway.

The Centres can:

  • Advise consumers on their rights for shopping and travel in the EU.
  • Give practical consumer tips before purchase or booking, to help save money and avoid problems.
  • Help consumers if they have a complaint against a trader based in another EU country.
  • Ask their counterpart centre in the country of the trader to contact the trader on behalf of the consumer and try to find a solution to the complaint.
  • Advise on further action if an amicable solution is not possible.