EU-Japan - Human Resources Training Programme

Training courses for European managers and executives, from companies in all sectors, which provide a general overview of Japanese industrial structure and business practices through a combination of lectures, joint study and company visits.  The courses take place in Japan.

The EU-Japan Centre will cover costs relating to tuition, travel costs for visits, interpretation etc, for the first four weeks.


Participants must pay a (refundable) deposit of €2,000 to guarantee the place on the course.  (The deposit will be refunded approximately eight weeks after the course, minus any unpaid bills, provided the participant attends the entire course and submits any and all reports the Centre asks him/her to make.)

SME Scholarship - to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participation in the course, participants from SMEs can apply for a scholarship to get €3,000 towards their living expenses. To do so, a ‘scholarship request – self-assessment declaration’ form must be completed. The form will be sent once the EU-Japan Centre has offered a place on the course.

Other companies:

Participants must pay a non-refundable contribution of €2,000 towards the costs incurred by the EU-Japan Centre in relation to their company's participation.