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Funding from EU programmes

With the exception of the Horizon Europe programme, which we'll will continue to have access to, the UK will no longer participate in any EU funded programmes.

European structural funding, including the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund, will now be replaced by a new UK programme – the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UK SPF).

Funding which used to come from the European Territorial Co-operation Programme will also become part of the UK SPF. More information will be published in 2021.

You can contact the Scottish Government's Structural Funding team by email:

The programmes below have been identified as having Scottish stakeholders. You can find further information on the future of these funding streams, using the following table:

EU programme More information Contact information
Common Agricultural Policy Agriculture in Scotland (farming and food production)
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) Marine and fisheries: exiting the EU -
Erasmus Plus Erasmus Plus Programme Department for Education contact form
Creative Europe The UK's Participation in Creative Europe - Creative Europe Desk UK
Horizon 2020 Science and research: University research -
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