Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

Funding to support UK businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, operating in the green energy sector in order to propose low carbon ideas of the future. The Fund will provide financial assistance to help businesses develop and demonstrate new low carbon technologies, services, and business models.

BEIS has launched Phase 5 of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund with up to £9 million available. There will be two opportunities to enter:

  • Phase 5a – will have up to £4 million available.
  • Phase 5b – will have up to £5 million available.

Only one proposal per applicant may be submitted into either Phase 5a or Phase 5b. Proposals that are not successful in the first Phase of competition but meet eligibility criteria will automatically be entered to Phase 5b, unless the applicant withdraws.

Companies can apply for up to £1 million per proposal, depending on State Aid requirements, to develop and demonstrate innovative technologies and processes and get advice from experts on how to bring their products to market.

The total requested grant does not exceed £1 million, or £800,000 if applying as a small innovative start-up.