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Energy Bills Discount (£400)

The Energy Bills Discount is a £400 discount on your energy payments to help with heating and energy costs. This is sometimes called the Energy Bills Support Scheme. 

You do not have to pay the discount back. 

Who can get the Energy Bills Discount 

You’ll get the discount if you: 

  • live in Scotland 

  • have an electricity connection to your house 

This discount is for households. It does not apply to business premises. Find out what help you can get with business energy costs on the Business Energy Scotland website.  

If you do not have an electricity connection  

You'll get support equal to the £400 discount if you do not have an energy supplier. This could be if you live in a houseboat, in a park home, or off the grid. 

How you get the discount 

You get the energy discount automatically. You do not need to apply. 

How you get the money depends on how you pay your energy bills.  

Direct debit, bank card, credit, or smart prepayment meter 

You'll get the discount automatically added to your account or meter. You do not need to do anything.  

Traditional prepayment meter 

If you top up your electricity with a traditional prepayment meter, you’ll either get a:  

  • voucher, which you’ll need to take to your top-up point
  • message with instructions on how to get your discount

Your energy supplier will tell you how to get your discount and what you need to do to apply it. 

Check that your energy supplier has your correct contact details. You should check your:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • postal address

When you get the discount  

You get the discount over 6 months, starting in October 2022. You get: 

  • £66 in October and November 2022  

  • £67 from December 2022 to March 2023 

Contact your energy supplier if you do not get your first discount by the end of October. 

Further information 

Read more about the Energy Bills Support Scheme on GOV.UK 

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