Handling an employee's grievance

Last updated: 7 March 2017

Employers' decisions and appeals

After the hearing

You should give the employee a copy of the meeting records. You may be able to leave out some information in certain circumstances (eg to protect a witness).

After you have decided the action to take, write to the parties involved, setting out:

  • your decision and the reasons behind it
  • the appeals process and deadline

If there are any delays during the appeal process, it's important that you tell the employee as soon as possible.


If the employee appeals, there should be another hearing to re-examine the decision. The process is the same as the original hearing but you should also look at:

  • the reasoning behind the appeal
  • any new evidence

If possible, the appeal should not be heard by the same person who held the original hearing. After the appeal hearing, you should set out your decision in writing and state that this is the final outcome.

Handling an employee's grievance
Employers' decisions and appeals