Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Last updated: 12 November 2019

Types of projects that need an EIA

The need to carry out an EIA comes from European EIA Directive. The directive is given effect though different legislation.

The directive divides projects into 2 different types: Annex I projects and Annex II projects.

Annex I projects

Annex I projects always require an EIA. These include large scale projects with obvious environmental effects, such as:

  • crude oil refineries
  • nuclear generating stations and other nuclear reactors
  • larger scale quarries and open-cast mines

Annex II projects

Annex II projects will only require EIA if it's decided that the project is likely to have 'significant' environmental effects. There will usually be a threshold to determine if a case by case screening decision is required.

Examples of Annex II projects include:

  • industrial estate development projects (threshold - the area of the development exceeds 0.5 hectare)
  • an electric line installed above ground (threshold - with a voltage of 132 kilovolts or more)

More information

Both schedules can be viewed in the Informal Consolidated Version of EIA Directive (PDF). Annex 1 projects are listed in Annex I while Annex 2 projects are listed in Annex II.

For more information you can view an EIA.