Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO)

Last updated: 13 March 2018

You can be given a Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO) if you're guilty of a crime that is linked to your drug addiction.

What you'll need to do

If you're given a DTTO you'll need to:

  • have treatment for your drug use
  • have drug tests to make sure you're not taking drugs
  • go to reviews of the order at court - you'll need to update the court on how things are going about once a month

How long a DTTO can last

DTTOs can last from 6 months to 3 years.

Before a DTTO

You'll be checked to see whether a DTTO is right for you. This will involve a number of appointments where you'll get help from a social worker.

This will be done before the court date for the offence you're charged with.

What happens when you get a DTTO

You'll get a plan to help you treat your drug problem. This can include:

  • medicines designed to wean you away from drugs
  • group work to support change
  • places you can live for a short time that are trained to help people with drug problems
  • support and advice from a supervisor or nurse

You'll also be given tests at the DTTO team office throughout your order to check you're not using drugs. You'll need to go to the DTTO office about two or three times a week to have these tests.

This may be changed if things go well.