DFID - International Economic Development Support

The Department for International Development (DFID) provides support for companies to expand overseas or partner with local companies or suppliers to create growth, jobs and goods and services for poor people in specific countries such as in Sub-Saharan Africa, southern Asia and the Caribbean.

There are opportunities for businesses to help deliver DFID's international development programmes around the world. Every year, DFID advertises hundreds of new opportunities for contracts.

DFID offers:

  • Easy access for suppliers to tendering opportunities.
  • Guidance on funds designed to encourage UK business to invest in development projects.

Supporting inclusive growth is a key part of helping countries to develop and graduate from aid. DFID spends nearly £1 billion a year on wealth creation programmes in poor countries and many of these are open to participation from businesses based anywhere in the world. These programmes include financing through grants, loans and other financial instruments and cover activities ranging from infrastructure to water, to agricultural development and to innovation. Awards are made on a competitive basis.