Dependants' Grant

Last updated: 8 June 2017

If you're legally or financially responsible for an adult, you may be eligible for the Dependants' Grant. This is to help you with living costs at university.

The adult can be your:

  • husband
  • wife
  • civil partner
  • partner
  • another adult you act as a carer for

Whether you can get the grant depends on your household income. Your household income is the combined income of you and your parents or husband, wife, civil partner or partner.

You can't get the Dependants' Grant if the adult you care for:

  • earns more than £3,796 a year (after tax)
  • is also studying and getting student funding
  • is your grown-up child

If you're not married, you have to be over 25 when making a claim for a partner who depends on you.

How to apply

You can apply for a grant when you apply for other student funding or separately.

Apply online

To apply you'll need to sign in to your SAAS account or create an account if you don't have one already.

Apply by post

If you've already applied for student funding or you'd rather apply on a paper form, you can apply with forms on the SAAS website.

What you get

Students can get a maximum of £2,640. It's paid in monthly instalments during term time.

The grant will be paid on top of your student loan.

If you leave your course early you may have to pay back some of the money.

After you apply

After you've applied, you can check your application's progress by going to your online account.

If your application is successful SAAS send an 'award notice' to your online account. This will tell you how much you will get.

Find out how to appeal if your application isn't successful on the SAAS website.


The Dependants' Grant is assessed when you apply, and then re-assessed at the end of the academic year.

This is once SAAS receives official confirmation of your 'household income'. If the amount of income changes, you may be asked to pay back some of the money.

If the adult you care for gets more income than expected during the academic year, you may have to pay the grant back.

Further financial support

To find out what extra help and support your university can provide as you study and care for dependants contact your university's student services.

Once you've started your studies, there is support and money available to help you if you have a financial emergency at university.