Darwin Initiative - Fellowships Award

Darwin Fellowships offer support to promising individuals who have links with recent or current Darwin Initiative projects and are working in biodiversity or related fields, or whose work may have an impact on biodiversity.  Fellows must be from countries rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resources (including the Overseas Territories of the United Kingdom).

Up to the equivalent of £1,300 per month will be provided where the Fellow is based in the UK (outside London) or £1,500 per month (within London).  Fellowships taking place outside the UK will be offered less.  The monthly amount consists of:

  • £1,000 per month for Fellows based within the UK but outside London, and £1,200 per month for within London to cover the Darwin Fellow's food, accommodation and incidental costs.  Fellowships taking place outside the UK will be paid at a lesser amount (rates are available on request from the Darwin Secretariat);
  • £300 per month to contribute towards the Host Organisation's expenses (and any other institutions working with the Fellow) including "bench fees" (eg the cost of lab and desk space), overheads, IT equipment, costs of employment, supervision and research costs.  This rate may be reviewed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs where a Fellowship takes place outside the UK.

Funding will be paid biannually (ie 6 monthly) to the Host Organisation on receipt of claims.  The Host Organisation will be responsible for making necessary payments to the Darwin Fellow.

Reasonable fees for academic qualifications will be granted, but a Fellowship consisting entirely of a programme of study towards an academic qualification will not be eligible for bench fees in addition to course fees.

Up to £2,000 will also be available for the Fellow's actual travel costs.  This is available to cover the following costs:

  • One standard return economy air fare from the Darwin Fellow's home country to the UK, plus travel to and from airports.
  • The cost of any visas or other necessary travel documents.

An additional provision (up to £500 for travel within the host country or up to £1,500 for international travel) may be included for travel and conference fees during the course of the project, where this will contribute to development of policy skills (for example, attendance at national or international workshops or meetings).