Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme

Financial assistance is available to crofters in the former crofting counties of Scotland for capital improvement works to holdings and infrastructure.

The limit on eligible expenditure for any one business is £25,000 in the two years ending with the date of any claim. A business is defined as all the eligible units occupied by the applicant, the applicant and spouse, or a partnership. Eligible units may be tenanted or sub-tenanted, or be owner-occupied crofts or non-croft holdings as described below in the next section. The maximum grant payable per grazings committee (or eligible group) will be limited to £125,000 in any two-year period.

The rates of grant will be set at 60% of approved costs in Less Favoured Areas (LFAs), and 40% of approved costs in non LFAs. Applicants aged under 41 years of age are eligible to receive 80% in LFAs and 60% in non LFAs. For clarification on current designations, contact the local Area Office.