Creative Scotland Film Funding Programme - Production Funding

Funding to assist in the production and exploitation of film and television projects in Scotland that are at an advance stage of readiness and have a significant level of co-investment already secured.

Awards are likely to be in the range of £50,000 - £500,000.

A contribution towards Creative Scotland’s legal costs must be budgeted for films with budgets over £1million. For films with budgets between £1million - £1.5million applicants will be required to contribute £5,000 and for budgets above £1.5million will be required to contribute £7,500.

Creative Scotland Production Funding is an equity investment in the project and is recoupable behind debt and mezzanine funding. Creative Scotland operates a locked box scheme under which they will pay 25% of all Creative Scotland’s recouped funding, rising to 50% once Creative Scotland has recouped 50% of its funding, (the ‘Producer’s Supplemental Corridor’).

This money will be ring-fenced at Creative Scotland in a locked box and successful applicants will be available to draw it down and spend it as if it was their own funding (i.e. they will not have to repay it).

There are some conditions that apply to funds in the locked box:

  • It must be spent on the development or production of the applicant's next project or on staff training.
  • Applicants must apply to draw down funds within five years of payment into the locked box.
  • If a producer locked box has £20,000 in it then Creative Scotland will not accept any further applications for development funding until the locked box has been used.
  • Funds can only be drawn down from a locked box in instalments of £5,000 or above.

Further information is available by contacting Creative Scotland.