CRACK-IT Research Engine and Funding Competition

Research engine and funding competition designed to connect academic, SME and industrial researchers in the UK in solving global scientific challenges associated with animal models in the biosciences - focusing on improving efficiency and translation and minimising reliance on in vivo research.

There are four CRACK IT Challenges in 2016:

Challenge 25: Maximise

2016 To develop reliable predictions which confidently classify mixtures of chemicals for acute oral toxicity, skin and eye irritation with a focus on relevance for human safety. These should fulfil acute GHS.

Challenge 24: EASE

2016 The overall aim of the EASE CRACK IT Challenge is to generate an approach that improves the implantation rates of early stage embryos when combined with extended in vitro culture and non-surgical embryo.

Challenge 23: Retinal 3D

2016 To establish a 3D retinal cell model which is physiologically-competent and predictive of human physiology for use in the development of new ophthalmology treatments.

Challenge 22: Osteo-chip

2016 To develop an in vitro model to recapitulate the human osteoarthritic joint that will provide a device based on a human tissue or a multiple human cell type co-culture system for research and drug development.

The CRACK IT Challenges will be run through Innovate UK’s [GF001770]{TITLE}[/GF] scheme.