Contact with your grandchildren if their parents divorce or separate

Last updated: 18 April 2017

You don't have an automatic right to see your grandchildren if their parents split up, but you do have options.

You may be able to get a court order to get contact with your grandchild, if a parent stops you seeing them.

It's best to try to reach an agreement with the parents first.

Family mediation

Speaking to a mediator can help if you're being stopped from seeing your grandchildren.

A mediator tries to help people involved in a conflict come to an agreement. They can help you agree on the arrangements for seeing your grandchild.

Apply for a court order

You can make an application to the court for a 'contact order' if you are being stopped from seeing your grandchildren. You can do this through a family law solicitor.

The court will only decide to make an order if it considers that it is better for the child. The court may also take the child's views into account depending on how old or mature they are.

An order generally will continue until the child is aged 16.

A 'residence order' can be made if you think your grandchildren should live with you.

Where to get support

Grandparents Apart is a charity that can help if you are not getting to see your grandchildren.

Relationships Scotland can provide mediation services. It also runs a helpline for grandparents. The number is 0345 119 2020 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

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