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Coronavirus Carer's Allowance Supplement

The Scottish Government made a double payment of Carer’s Allowance Supplement in June 2020 to support carers during coronavirus. 
They made another double payment in December 2021.
Most eligible carers received the payment in December 2021. But carers whose Carer's Allowance awards are backdated may get this in June 2022.

How to get the extra payment

You do not need to apply for this extra payment. To be able to get it you must have been:

If you're eligible for this payment, Social Security Scotland will automatically pay it into the same account that you get your Carer's Allowance. Most eligible carers will have got the payment in December 2021.

How much you can get

If you’re getting a payment for the 11 October 2021 eligibility date, you'll get a total payment of £462.80.

This is made up of:

  • Coronavirus Carer's Allowance Supplement of £231.40
  • Standard Carer's Allowance Supplement for April eligibility date of £231.40

If you're due to receive a payment Social Security Scotland will send you a letter telling you the amount. If you're also due to receive backdated supplement payments you may receive a different amount.

This payment is taxable, but it will not affect any other benefits or tax credits you already get. This is the same as your usual Carer's Allowance Supplement. Find out about Income Tax rates and Personal Allowances.

You do not need to do anything. You do not need to contact Social Security Scotland about this payment. You'll receive a letter confirming details about this payment.

Backdated claims

If your Carer's Allowance award has been backdated to include 11 October 2021 you'll get the extra payment.
If you did not get the payment in December, you should get the extra payment along with the December Carer's Allowance Supplement payment on 10 June 2022.

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