Keeping your business safe online
Last updated: 31 May 2018

Staff training, internet use, phishing and mobile devices

You can help protect your business from online threats by:

  • training staff
  • having policies on internet use and mobile devices


Training can help make your staff better able to cope with security threats, like phishing or viruses.

National Archives offer free online training courses for you and your staff.

Each course takes around 60 minutes to complete.

Internet use

If your business's staff have access to the internet at work, your business should:

Guidance on acceptable use of the internet is sometimes known as an 'acceptable usage policy'.

An acceptable usage policy tells staff:

  • when they can use the internet privately at work
  • what they are allowed to look at
  • how to use confidential information

You can find more advice on creating an acceptable usage policy on the Get Safe Online website.


'Phishing' is a common type of online fraud.

It involves criminals using fake emails or web links to obtain sensitive information, such as:

  • passwords
  • usernames
  • bank account details

You can find more advice about phishing on the Police Scotland website.

You can also find guidance on protecting your business from phishing on the National Cyber Security Centre website

Using mobile devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be the targets of theft and online threats.

Your business should offer staff guidance on the safe use of mobile devices, such as:

  • protecting devices using a PIN
  • installing internet security software, updates to software and apps
  • making sure devices can be tracked, locked or wiped
  • avoiding the use of public Wi-Fi
  • watching out for 'shoulder surfers' when using devices in public

You can find more advice on using mobile devices on the Get Safe Online website.