Business rates appeals

Last updated: 1 May 2018


The business rates you pay on your property depend on its rateable value, the annual poundage and any reliefs (discounts) that might apply for your property. The rateable value is calculated by your local assessor.

Use our business rates calculator to estimate your business rates bill.

To ensure your rateable value is correct and reduce your need to appeal, you should provide the assessor with rental value information for your property at each revaluation. This will help ensure you pay the correct amount in rates from the start and reduce the chances of you being overcharged.

The rateable value is normally the same as the annual rent your property would have got on the open market at a particular date. This date is called the 'tone date'. The tone date for the 2017 revaluation was 1 April 2015.

If you still think the current rateable value for your property is wrong you can:

  • ask your local assessor to correct the details you think are wrong
  • appeal your rateable value if your assessor doesn't agree with you

There is no fee for lodging an appeal, but you may have to pay the costs of any professional adviser you use, such as a rating agent. Your appeal will be acknowledged by the assessor.

The amount you pay in rates is based on the property that you occupy and not on your turnover or profits. Any evidence you may need to submit should be based on the property.

How to appeal

You can submit an appeal online, in writing or by email, to your local assessor.

Business rates appeals