Get the right business insurance
Last updated: 3 July 2019

Choosing an insurance adviser

You can contact insurance companies directly but you might find it easier to use an insurance adviser.

To find a suitable insurance adviser for your business, you'll need to identify:

  • the risks to your business
  • what type of insurance you need

There are 2 main types of adviser -

1. Insurance brokers

Insurance brokers work on general and commercial risks, such as:

  • motor insurance
  • employers' liability insurance

Some agents only work for a small number of insurance companies. And this means they will only offer you insurance with one of those companies.

2. Independent financial advisers

Independent financial advisers work on people-related risks and business-planning issues, such as:

  • life assurance
  • protection
  • health
  • business continuity
  • pensions and investments