Bus lane penalty fines

Last updated: 9 March 2018

Challenge a bus lane penalty

Bus lane Penalty Charge Notice

There are a list of reasons you can appeal your bus lane charge on the back of your fine. These are called 'grounds of representations'.

If you want to appeal you need to write a letter to the council explaining why you're appealing. This should include one of the grounds of representation. This letter is called a 'formal representation'.

The address you should send the letter to will be on the back of your fine.

Find out more about challenging your ticket:

It's the registered keeper of the vehicle who is liable to pay or challenge it even if they're not driving the car at the time.

After you've sent the letter

The council will either:

  • accept your appeal and send you a Notice of Acceptance – this cancels the fine
  • reject your appeal and send you a Notice of Rejection – you must pay the fine or appeal the decision through the Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal for Scotland.

Fixed Penalty Notice

If you want to challenge your Fixed Penalty Notice you don't pay the fine. You should then receive a letter about attending a court hearing to challenge the penalty.

Legal advice can help you understand how to challenge a Fixed Penalty Notice and what will happen if you're asked to go to court.

If you can't afford legal advice, you might be eligible for legal aid. It can help with costs but isn't normally available for driving offences.

Bus lane penalty fines
Challenge a bus lane penalty