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Sport in Scotland after Brexit (employment and funding)

The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020. This process is often known as 'Brexit'.

The UK Government and the EU have now agreed a deal on their future relationship. From 1 January 2021 this new relationship with the EU will begin.

There will be effects on some areas of life in Scotland. This may include changes to the way sport is run in Scotland, from professional sports to 'grassroots' and volunteering.

This page will be updated to give the latest facts. Keep checking back for new information.


The terms of Brexit include changes to freedom of movement. This will affect the way Scottish sporting organisations give jobs to:

  • professional playing staff
  • coaches
  • specialised positions

EU citizens will need to have a work permit to join sports organisations in the UK. The UK Government website has more information on UK working visas.


Sports clubs and organisations, including sports research institutions, will lose out on European funding. However, only a small part of sports funding in the UK came from Europe, meaning the impact will not be large.


From 1 January, there will be changes to travel to and from EU countries. This will affect travel to the EU for:

  • sporting teams and individuals
  • supporters
  • volunteers

The 'Transport after Brexit' page gives more information on this.

Horse racing and other equestrian sports

Brexit will also have an effect on the movement of horses in and out of EU countries.

This will have an impact on:

  • horse racing in Scotland
  • the wider performance sector
  • horse owners in general

The UK Government site has information on the rules on exporting horses, ponies and other equines.

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