BQF UK Excellence Awards

Competitive awards to identify and reward best practice in total quality management, assist improvement and provide role models for all organisations within the UK to emulate.

The three main aims of the Award are:

  • to assist organisations to improve;
  • to identify role models to demonstrate what can be achieved; and
  • to recognise those who have shown exceptional ability and performance in the management of their organisation.

Applying for the award brings substantial benefits, including:

  • A comprehensive feedback report which will inform strategic planning and future direction.
  • Free facilitation from an experienced award facilitator to help produce an award submission.
  • A dedicated team of committed and focused assessors who will work from registration to site visit.
  • A benchmarking visit to a recent UK Excellence Award winner and the chance to learn from their best practice.
  • The opportunity to be named as a finalist or winner at the annual UK Excellence Award Ceremony in London.
  • A unique way to motivate employees at all levels in a positive and constructive atmosphere.