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Death registrations and certificates

Register a death, get copies of a death certificate, find a register office.
  1. Register a death during coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Find out how to register a death remotely during coronavirus (COVID-19).

  2. Apply for a medical certificate review

    You have the right to ask for an 'interested person review' if you have questions or concerns about a family member's cause of death.

  3. Register a death

    Find out how to register a death in Scotland, elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

  4. Registering a stillbirth

    Information on how to register a stillbirth and what support is available for you.

  5. Order a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate

    Order an official birth, marriage or death certificate from National Records Scotland if you need a copy or want to research your family tree.

  6. Get a missing person declared dead

    Get a declaration of presumed death if a person has been missing for at least 7 years or you think they've died.

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