Bioenergy Sustaining the Future 3 (BESTF3)

BESTF is an ERANET Cofund activity which will provide funding to collaborative bioenergy projects that demonstrate at least one innovative step and will result in demonstration at a pre-commercial stage. The aim is to boost the contribution of bioenergy to EU climate and energy ambitions.

The BESTF3 Call has a total budget of around €22 million.

National partners will receive funding from their respective national funding agencies. The total UK budget for eligible projects under this programme is up to €4 million.

Claims under the UK grant must be for project costs incurred in the UK, including subcontracting. UK subcontracting is capped at a maximum of 20% of the UK budget.

The maximum allowable intervention rate depends on company size and the extent of collaboration. Maximum interventions for collaborative projects are up to 60% for Small Enterprises, up to 50% for Medium Enterprises and up to 40% for large companies.

It is necessary that applicants demonstrate evidence of private funding to cover the balance of the eligible project costs.