Beef Efficiency Scheme

The Beef Efficiency scheme provides support to beef breeders in order to improve efficiency on their farm.

The payment will be £48 per hectare, which equates to £32 per calf. In recognition of the extra work involved in collecting and entering data, the Beef Efficiency Scheme will make, as a participating suckled calf producer, a payment equivalent to approximately £32 per calf each year for the first three years. This will be paid on an area basis.

Farmers will also be able to access a free advisory service to assist them in developing their suckler herd and in making the national herd as efficient as possible.


Before You Start

The Beef Efficiency Scheme is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme, which is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The scheme will be provided by the Scottish Government and administered through its Rural Payments and Services section.

The Beef Efficiency scheme provides support to beef breeders in order to improve efficiency on their farm. It is a new five year scheme aimed at delivering a step change in herd efficiency and profitability from genetic, economic and environmental improvements in the beef breeding and finishing sector.

The objective is to assist in the development of suckler herds to become as efficient as possible. Increasing efficiency will reduce the emissions from beef production and also improve overall herd profitability making herds more sustainable both economically and environmentally.

The full impact of the scheme will not be realised for several years. The Scottish Government would expect the principal impacts to be improved genetic selection in respect of growth rates, feed conversion, maternal behaviour, nutrition practice and disease resistance. Importantly, these improvements will all be cumulative.


Information regarding restrictions has not been stipulated.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Beef farmers in Scotland.

All beef calves (75% beef genetics or more) born on or after the 1 January 2016 will be eligible. The scheme is only open to calves born on a holding that is a member of an approved Livestock Farm Assurance scheme at the time of the calf’s birth.

Match Funding

Not applicable.

Eligible Expenditure

Costs associated with processing data for each calf for a period of five years.

How To Apply


The extended deadline for applying to the Beef Efficiency Scheme was 15 June 2016.

Details and deadline information for any future rounds will be reported when available.

Frequency: Unspecified.

Link to guidelines:

Useful information:

Applications were invited from spring 2016. However between January and April, farmers need to pre-register their interest to join the scheme on the ScotEID system.

During this time, farmers should record their herd information in the diary that has been sent to all suckled calf producers. If they do join the scheme they will be required to enter this information into the data system for all calves born from 1 January.

Pre-registering does not mean applicants are in the scheme, or that they are committed to the conditions of the scheme and they will still be required to make a formal application.

Pre-registering is automatically checks that the herd is eligible for the scheme. To do this, interested parties should go to the ScotEID website

The ScotEID help desk can be contacted on 01466 794 323.