Becoming a carer

Last updated: 3 October 2018

Respite and short breaks

Contact your local council's social work or social care department for respite care and help with arranging and paying for short breaks. Your needs will be assessed to see if you can get help towards the cost of paying for your service.

There are 3 ways short break services can be funded:

  • self funded – you arrange and pay for a short break service
  • partially funded – costs may be shared between you and your local council
  • fully funded – your local council may fund the break in full

If your local council pays for your break, it will offer you different ways to arrange it. This is called self-directed support.

Further guidance on getting financial help is provided by your local carers' centre or local council.

Other funding is available from charitable trusts. These can be found through Shared Care Scotland or the Turn2us website.

Emergency respite care

Emergency care can be provided by your local council. This may be the case even if you've been turned down for support for having a short break or respite care.

Becoming a carer
Respite and short breaks