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Your income

You may have to make a contribution towards your bankruptcy from your monthly income. Your trustee will tell you if you need to make any payments.

This arrangement is for up to 4 years and is called a Debtor Contribution Order (DCO).

A DCO fixes the amount you'll have to pay during your bankruptcy. It generally lasts for 48 months or the equivalent weekly period.

You must give the payment instruction to your employer. If you don't, your trustee will contact your employer and ask them to take the payments from your wages.

If you receive benefits, you won't be asked to pay a contribution, you'll be asked to sign a DCO which will be set at zero. The DCO will stay at zero unless your financial circumstances change before you're discharged.

How much you pay

The actual amount depends on how much you can afford after essential expenses like food and bills are paid.

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