APS Business Finance

Unsecured business finance of up to £100,000 is available to UK small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of merchant cash advances.

Merchant cash advances of up to £100,000 are available.

Unlike regular bank loans, there is no term or fixed weekly/monthly repayments attached to the finance. No security is required to access an advance, and there are no interest charges or APRs. A single all-inclusive fee will be charged for the advance, which will cover all administrative and other expenses.

Repayments are linked to sales made; businesses pay a small portion of the sales generated through the card terminal (typically 5-20%) which then reduces the balance outstanding.

Further, ongoing funding is available to businesses once 70% of the original advance is repaid.


Before You Start

APS Business Finance offers unsecured finance to UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the form of merchant cash advances, also known as business cash advances. APS can offer up to £100,000 to eligible businesses, which is then paid back through the installation of a credit card machine, from which an agreed percentage of the daily debit and credit sales by the business are taken by APS.

APS Finance is a UK-based company, offering finance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the form of merchant cash advances.


Finance is not available to start-up businesses.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Advances are available to SMEs in the UK who accept credit/debit card payments from customers and who would prefer a flexible repayment option on their working capital needs.

Applicants must have been trading for a minimum of 12 months and the business’ average card sales must be at least £3,500 per month.

Match Funding

Not applicable.

Eligible Expenditure

There are no restrictions placed on what costs advances can be used to pay for. Typically, advances are used for refurbishing or extending premises, buying new equipment, purchasing stock, opening another business, marketing initiatives, or general working capital needs.

How To Apply


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Frequency: Unknown.

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Useful information:

Applications can be made online.

Typically, APS will come back to businesses with a decision and quote within 48 hours.