Approved certification

Last updated: 3 September 2019

If you're doing building work on your home you can get certain design and construction work certified by Approved Certifiers.

They'll give you a certificate that says it meets Building Standards. This can be given to your council as part of your application for a Building Warrant.

Approved Certifier for Design

An Approved Certifier for Design makes sure the house's structure and/or energy efficiency meet building standards.

If they do, they'll give you a Certificate of Design for Structures and/or a Certificate of Design for Energy.

Approved Certifier for Construction

An Approved Certifier for Construction can do building work for you, and certify that their work meets building regulations. They can do work on:

  • the electrical installation
  • drainage
  • heating
  • plumbing

If you have any questions about building standards, contact your local council's Building Standards office.