Apply for disclosures by email

Last updated: 26 June 2020

Organisations can apply for any disclosure type by email.

Disclosure Scotland will prioritise checks for the workers Scotland needs to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Find out who is a priority coronavirus response worker and how to apply for their disclosures.

Workers not in that group will follow our routine disclosure processes.

Applications for routine roles

You will have to pay for disclosures for workers in a routine role in any sector.


All workers and volunteers can apply for a basic disclosure online for £25.

By email

These forms can be used by organisations. Self-employed people and qualifying voluntary organisations can also use the forms for the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.

Use these forms to apply for routine disclosures:

Forms must be signed and sent by countersignatories. Self-employed applicants to the PVG Scheme do not need to do this.

Email completed forms to

We will accept an electronic signature from the applicant and countersignatory. Either a typewritten or scanned signature is valid. There is no need to print and sign a form by hand.

How and where to pay is on the forms, but you can pay for routine disclosures by card online. Organisations listed with Disclosure Scotland as registered bodies can also pay by invoice. Qualifying voluntary organisations do not pay for PVG checks for volunteers.