Apply for or renew a Blue Badge
Last updated: 14 February 2018

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge in Scotland

The Blue Badge scheme supports people who cannot easily get around by helping them park closer to their destination. Blue Badges are also known as disabled parking permits.

A Blue Badge should not be used unless the badge holder is getting in or out of the vehicle at the place it's parked.

Apply or renew online

You can apply for or renew your Blue Badge online.

A few weeks before the expiry date printed on your Blue Badge you should decide if you still need help to get around. If you do, you should apply for a new Blue Badge.

You might be required to attend a mobility assessment or provide up-to-date evidence of your eligibility.

All online applications will be sent to your local council who are responsible for the Blue Badge scheme in your area.

Councils have the option to charge up to £20 for a badge. You should ask your local council if there's a charge before you make an application.

What you'll need to apply or renew online:

  • National Insurance number or NHS Number
  • proof of your address
  • proof of your identity
  • a passport photo
  • details of your current badge (if you have one)

If you apply or renew online, you'll be asked a few eligibility questions.

Apply or renew online

When you cannot apply online

If you're not able to apply online, or want to apply in writing, you should contact your local council for an application form.

You cannot use the online form if you're applying for:

Visit your local council's website for more information on Blue Badge applications.

Update or change your details

You can update or change any details on your badge online. These changes will be sent to your council.

You should contact your local council directly if you need to return a Blue Badge.

How long does a Blue Badge last?

A Blue Badge normally lasts for 3 years but a badge will be issued for less than 3 years if:

  • your social security benefit award is for less than 3 years
  • you have a temporary but substantial disability lasting between 12 months and 3 years
  • you made a successful application under the risk in traffic criteria

Transferring your badge

If you need to transfer a Blue Badge from another part of the UK to Scotland, it's the responsibility of the council that issued your badge to change the address details and inform the new council. You can let your council know about these changes using an online form.

You do not need a replacement badge with the new council's name. When the badge expires, you need to reapply to your new local council.

Track your application

You can track your application online. You'll need the tracking reference number you were given when the application was submitted.

Return to a saved application

You can return to a saved application. You'll need the tracking reference number you were given when the application was submitted.

If your application is not successful

If you're successful in your application for a Blue Badge and want to request a review, you need to contact your local council.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

You'll have to apply to: