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Apply to Rent Service Scotland about your rent increase

If you think your rent increase is too high

You should only use this form if you have a 'private residential tenancy'.

You're likely to have a private residential tenancy if you started renting from a private landlord on or after 1 December 2017. If your tenancy agreement started before 1 December 2017 you don't have a private residential tenancy.

A private landlord is a person or business who rents a home to you. You shouldn't use this notice if you rent from a local council or housing association.

You think your rent increase is too high

You can apply to Rent Service Scotland (RSS) if you want a Rent Officer to decide what your rent should be.

You can use this form to apply to Rent Service Scotland (RSS) if:

  • your Landlord has given you a Rent Increase Notice
  • you think the increase to your rent is too high - if you apply, a Rent Officer can put your rent up as well as down
  • it's less than 21 days since you got a Rent Increase Notice from your landlord
  • you're not in a Rent Pressure Zone - this will be checked when you fill in the form

To complete this form

You'll need to know:

  • your landlord's details
  • details of any other tenants who are joint tenants with you
  • details about the home, such as whether it has double glazing, and whether there are any shared areas

When you submit your form, you should also submit:

  • the Rent Increase Notice you got from your landlord telling you about your rent increase
  • if you're charged for furniture or white goods as part of your rent, a list of what you're charged for
  • your tenancy agreement

RSS home visits

To help decide what your rent should be, RSS might need to send a Rent Officer to inspect your home. You'll need to be in when the Rent Officer visits. You can only change the time of this visit once.

If you're not in when the Rent Officer calls, they will decide what your rent should be without making a visit to your home.

After you submit this form

Once you submit this form, RSS will review it and aim to let you know the new rent amount within 40 days.

Property address

Enter a postcode to find the rental property's address.

Tenant's Agent

A tenant can ask someone, such as a friend, to deal with RSS on their behalf.

Have you agreed this?

When someone acts on the tenant's behalf, they're known as the tenant's 'agent'.

Give the agent's full contact details:


Enter the address manually

Type of home


You need to tell us how many of each type of room the home has.

Enter the number of:

Shared areas

Do you share any part of the home, or an area outside, with other tenants?

Outside space

Does the tenancy agreement with your landlord include the use of any outside space, such as a parking space, garden, other building or land?


What type of heating does the home have?


What type of glazing does the home have?


Do you pay your landlord for a service as part of your rent?

A service can include things like:

  • a cleaning charge
  • a fee for the upkeep of a shared area

If your landlord hasn't given you a list telling you what you're charged, please let us know.


Are you charged for things in the home, such as white goods or furniture, as part of the rent?

Your landlord should have given you a list of the things they charge for. This list can be in your tenancy agreement or can be a separate page, sometimes called an 'inventory'.

If you have it, you'll need to give this list to Rent Service Scotland.


Have you, or a joint tenant, made any changes to the home?

This can include:

  • if you've added furniture to the home
  • changed any fittings
Has the landlord done anything to improve the property since you moved in?

This can include work to make the property more modern.


Have you, or a previous tenant, damaged or caused defects to any of the following?
  • the house
  • fixtures
  • fittings
  • furniture

Only include damage or defects caused by not following the terms of your tenancy.

Current rent

New rent

Letting agent

Does the landlord have an agent working on their behalf?

If an agent (or another person) acts on your Landlord’s behalf please give us all their contact details, including their address.


Enter the address manually

Property visit

To set the rent for your home, a Rent Officer may need to inspect your home.

If they do, the visit will take place during normal office hours. These are: Monday - Friday, between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

Please let us know the dates over the next month when you are not available for a visit:




To apply you'll need to download your finished form.

You need to complete the following challenge before you can download your application.

You should also include:

  • the Rent Increase Notice you got from your landlord telling you about your rent increase
  • a list of furniture you're charged for as part of the rent
  • your tenancy agreement

You can email these, and your form, to:

If you can't email, you can post them to:

Rent Service Scotland
2nd Floor
Endeavour House
1 Greenmarket

You should also fill in and give your landlord part 3 of your Rent Increase Notice. This tells your landlord you're going to apply to Rent Service Scotland.

If anything changes

You must inform Rent Service Scotland if any of the answers you've given in this form change.

You can contact Rent Service Scotland on: 0300 244 7000

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