Apex Trust

A range of services offered to ex-offenders and employers to ensure a better employment relation.  The aims of the Trust are to help people with criminal records to obtain work and encourage and support organisations to employ them.


The Trust offers a range of services to ex-offenders and employers to ensure a better employment relation.  The services on offer include the following:

Information and Advice- Information on offender employment, training and education issues is provided directly, whilst projects will signpost ex-offenders to other partnership agencies for additional specialist issues. In addition, one-to-one advice; a number of projects also provide advice through group sessions.

Assessment and Guidance- Ex-offenders receive guidance tailored to their individual needs, which takes into account their offending background.  This work, undertaken by the majority of projects, is delivered on a one-to-one basis. Assessment processes, which are the key building blocks to effective guidance, address issues of risk assessment, offending history, work/education history, transferable skills and basic skill levels.

Employability Training- The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the disclosure of offences form significant elements of the programmes, which also address issues such as job search and interview techniques.  Programmes will, as appropriate, also address issues relating to surviving in a new job.