Apex Trust

A range of services offered to ex-offenders and employers to ensure a better employment relation.  The aims of the Trust are to help people with criminal records to obtain work and encourage and support organisations to employ them.


The Trust offers a range of services to ex-offenders and employers to ensure a better employment relation.  The services on offer include the following:

Information and Advice- Information on offender employment, training and education issues is provided directly, whilst projects will signpost ex-offenders to other partnership agencies for additional specialist issues. In addition, one-to-one advice; a number of projects also provide advice through group sessions.

Assessment and Guidance- Ex-offenders receive guidance tailored to their individual needs, which takes into account their offending background.  This work, undertaken by the majority of projects, is delivered on a one-to-one basis. Assessment processes, which are the key building blocks to effective guidance, address issues of risk assessment, offending history, work/education history, transferable skills and basic skill levels.

Employability Training- The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the disclosure of offences form significant elements of the programmes, which also address issues such as job search and interview techniques.  Programmes will, as appropriate, also address issues relating to surviving in a new job.


Before You Start

The Apex Trust was founded in 1965 by Neville Vincent, a retired barrister.

The work of the Trust is based on the belief that:

"If an ex-prisoner can be found a job which, first, provides him a reasonable standard of living for himself and his family and, secondly, fulfils his own idea of himself and thus engages his self respect, the responsibility of his eventual return to prison will be diminished."

The Trust seeks to help people with criminal records to obtain appropriate jobs or self-employment by providing them with the skills they need in the labour market, and by working with employers to break down the barriers to their employment.


Although no exclusions are cited by the Trust, interested parties should contact it directly to ensure that they meet its eligibility criteria for the service they require.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

The Apex Trust operates projects within the following areas for ex-offenders and employers:

  • Community-based projects: Bedfordshire; Hertfordshire; Oldham; London; Merseyside; and Midlands.
  • Prison-based projects: Manchester.

The Apex Fidelity Bond and national helpline JobCheck is available on a UK-wide basis.

Match Funding

Not applicable.

Eligible Expenditure



The Trust operates a variety of differing project models to deliver its services, broadly these can be broken into two groups: those that operate within prisons, both adult and Young Offender Institutions; and those that operate within a community setting for both statutory (Probation and Youth Offending Terms) and non statutory clients within the community.

Several of the projects are more oriented towards those who are deemed a higher risk of re-offending and those that are outside of statutory or mainstream provision and need access to specialist services provision in order to reintegrate back into society and access employment, training or education.


A key service open to ex-offenders (and employers) is JobCheck.  A criminal record can have a severe impact on an individual's ability to find employment.  Basic information about rights, and advice about things such as the best way to tell a potential employer, can be hard to find.  Because of this, the Apex Trust has set up a national telephone helpline (JobCheck) to provide consistent, easily accessed information.

The helpline offers confidential advice and information to enquirers.  It covers a range of issues that affect ex-offenders seeking employment, including:

  • Criminal records checks.
  • Best practices for employing ex-offenders.
  • Where to get training, education, advice and guidance.
  • Rules on disclosing of criminal records.

JobCheck is available by contacting:

Tel: 0870 608 4567 (open 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday).

Email: jobcheck@apextrust.com


The Apex Trust supports and provides information for employers to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and facilities such as the Apex Fidelity Bond insurance, to ensure employers can tap into the pool of skills available amongst ex-offenders, helping to give them another chance.

The Apex Fidelity Bond - currently under review and not dealing with any new enquiries.

Apex Trust, in association with Lloyds of London and Marsh Limited, set up this insurance policy to assist organisations that employ (or wish to employ) people with a criminal record, but find that their current insurance policy doesn't provide them with the necessary employee insurance cover.

The Apex Fidelity Bond is targeted specifically for employees with a criminal record and is underwritten by Lloyds in association with Marsh Limited and the Apex Charitable Trust.

The Apex Fidelity Bond can only be taken out by employers on behalf of a named employee within a specific post.  The employee's conviction must be fully disclosed and not related to the position in which the policy is being undertaken.

How To Apply


This service can be used at any time.

Frequency: Rolling programme.

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Useful information:

Interested parties are advised to contact the Apex Trust for information on any criteria that may apply to particular services offered by the Trust.